Marimos, assemble!

These rare fluffy moss balls reside in a number of lakes and rivers. They've been recognised as a Natural Treasure in Japan, where they were first discovered.

This endangered species are now coming to you on the blockchain!

Warm and fuzzy. And here to stay. On OpenSea. 🌊

Buy it. Keep it. Trade it. This is the world's fluffiest NFT collection and only 999 Marimos will ever be minted! Each Marimo is uniquely crafted, designed and rendered. By hand. ✍️

Frequently Asked Questions

Only 999 Marimos will ever be minted and released in our collection! The cute moss balls will be released in batches of certain sizes. (TBD)

Our CGI Artists and Designers are putting finishing touches on our fluff balls. You know, brushing their moss hair, hydrating them, etc... Leave your email with us and you'll be the first one to know when all the Marimos will drop!

On OpenSea! We'll send you an email containing the detailed instructions on how to get your own Marimo once the release date closely approaches!

Royalties from OpenSea will be shared with holders of Gen Zero Marimos (1st batch drop) as rewards. A snapshot of all holders will be taken on a certain date, so you should hurry if you want to participate!

Each and every single Marimo will be minted for 0.05 ETH, and we swore an oath to never increase the price in terms of ETH.

Join our Tribe

Hokkaido's indigenous Ainu have been celebrating these fully balls since the 1950s. In October every year the city lights up with torch parades and the traditional tribal rituals brings a magical feeling.

Join our NFT tribe and let's celebrate the Marimos!